About the imagination of SCALER MIDI editing window

I’m wondering if SCALER will have a MIDI editing window in the future.
Not only can it do some arpeggios, it can even be a good substitute for the piano rolls of other DAWs.

I’ve been using the STUDIO ONE’s piano roll and have used the FL STUDIO’s in the past. They have some benefits, but there are always some downsides.

At present, FL STUDIO is more comfortable in the click feeling. But there are more scale settings on the left side of the STUDIO ONE piano roll. For example, if you choose C and then major, you can only click on the C major note. This is very convenient.

I wish it could be more convenient. If SCALER does it, it can be combined with chords. For example, we first have a chord progression C-F-G-C, then there will be a gray prompt below each chord, such as the gray display of 135 under the C chord, and you can click to display more notes, 7th chord, 9th chord. Tones, these are repeated in the SCALERMIDI editing window. This kind of tip can be very helpful for music editing. There’s even a click auto-form function, BASS formation, arpeggio formation, and more. These can then be dragged to the DAW’s Piano Roll right away.

I may be describing a bit messy, I don’t know if you all understand what I mean.