Add an auto-transpose mode to the "maintain or force into scale" lock menu

For context, please see this conversation.

The feature I am requesting would be a new entry in the little “lock” menu next to the semitone transposition button in Section A. Currently this menu has the options Maintain Current Scale, Maintain Current Tonic, and Force Into Scale.

I expected “Maintain Current Tonic” to auto-transpose the selected chord progression to the selected tonic (just like using the ST: button to transpose it by the right number of semitones, but automatic as you switch songs/artists). What it actually does is leave the sound of the chord progression unchanged but present the chords “in terms of” the other scale. (E maj is still E maj, but now it’s the V chord instead of the I chord.)

A good example is the Alternative 1 (A min) and Alternative 2 (E maj) songs. First listen to both song progressions to hear how they sound normally. Now go to Alternative 1 and pick one of the “lock” modes, then switch to Alternative 2. If you used “Maintain Current Tonic”, Alternative 2 will sound exactly the same as it did when the “lock” was OFF, but all the chord labels will change. Now transpose it down 7 semitones to A major and listen - this is what I expected “Maintain Current Tonic” to do.

Could we have another option in this menu that does the auto-transposition as you browse through different songs?


Am I missing something here? That’s what Force Into Scale option does. So if I force into A Minor (Alternative 1) and go to Alternative 2 it transposes to A Minor as you would by using the ST button and will continue to do so whilst browsing. Does that sound right?

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But what if you don’t want to force Alternative 2 (which is normally major) into a minor key? You just want to transpose it from E maj to A maj? That’s what you’d get if you used the ST button to transpose it. But if you use Force Into Scale, it will be forced into A min, not A maj.

Right? Or am I missing something here? :slight_smile:

Force it into an A Major then, will behave exactly the same as transposing using the ST button. I’m still unsure who’s missing what?! :wink:


I get it, just tried it out, makes sense.

What I have in mind is being able to browse through multiple songs/artists and have the tonic stay “locked” but the mode be “unlocked”. So every song would play with a tonic of A, but each song would be major, minor, mixolydian… whatever it was originally composed for. This is actually what I expected “Maintain Current Tonic” to do.

I think this would be a useful feature, but maybe it’s just me! :man_shrugging:

Aha! I think that’s a bug in 2.4 that section A is not updating because if you go to Alternative 1, maintain tonic, go to Alternative 2 and look at section B and you can see it is in A Major. So Section A is not updating but I believe this is fixed in 2.4.1…
So you are correct in that that is the intended behaviour!

Well, that’s a relief! Thanks for looking into it.

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