Add Scale Automation

Plugin revolved around scales, but you can’t automate them within the plugin.

Add the ability to automate and switch between scales within Scaler, it would be an amazing feature to the plugin and really open the doors to achieving a modal sound. Would also be fun to experiment with.

Scaler is a midi effects plugin.

Automation can be via midi which is external to the plugin, or via live, real-time.

Numerous settings are available inside of Scalar to assist.

Watching some good videos on Scaler might really open up some doors.

There is a Videos section of the forum that would help a lot.

I know what you mean, @soulslo.

It is not quite as straight forward as you desire, but in the interrim, there’s a way to “automate” scale selection. Just drag the desired scales into respective patterns. Create one Pattern for each scale you desire to remote access (“automate”) via midi key.

Then you can associate a midi key (known as “remote octave” in other midi tools) with each pattern, like so…