Add scaler jam vst

Hi i just thought about a “scaler 2 jam” plugin so we will have scaler 2 vst ; scaler jam vst and scaler fx (effet) let me explain.

there is a app called autotonic that uses modal midi transposing technologie and it is phenomal there is up to 24 700 scales and the modal transposing feature is good.

for example scaler jam could have thoses same feature and all the existing scales + the lock function to whites keys + a pitch bend lock to scale feature + a record midi and drag and drop recorded midi feature + a simple e piano sound just to jam all thoses in a simple interface ( a light version of scaler 2 if we just want to jam but with new feature and modal midi transposing that break the limit of scales lock function of scaler 2 )

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the forum @jadnix
We’ve been wanting to improve scale improvisation for a while. It’s something we are working on now with a few possibilities and lots of feedback from the community to consider. Stay tuned.