Add support for seamless working with recent Yamaha arranger keyboards with CHORD LOOPER functionality

Some top end hardware arrangers have a CHORD LOOPER kind of functionality where instead of playing in a finger combination in the left hand live ( not necessarily a real chord, can be just a single finger in some cases ) one can record the chord progression being specified in the left hand into CHORD LOOPER BANKS.

Yamaha recently ( finally ) Added this to their top line GENOS and PSR SX 900 keyboards. But they did it very minimally - for example theres no way of editing the chord progression.

YAMAHA use special non-GM MIDI commands to store and handle chord change information. I believe its sysex something. ( forums can give more info ) .

But in any case - if there were an option for SCALER - particularly on iPads to be able to record or even import chord looper data ( they are actually MIDI files using an extended Yamaha XG or XF format but with the file extension changed to .CLD instead of .MID ) to be able to create, send, record and edit such data it would help a lot of these owners- as currently theres nothing out there - free community app or official - for doing this.

The most recent hardware arrangers like the Genos - are no longer toys- and with some improvements - or external utilities - or hopefully one day- integration seamlessly into DAWs with chord tracks - Cubase being prime candidate of course ( owned by yamaha ) can be used as a songwriting, production and composing for media tool that is very inspiring.

The sounds ( apart from certain categories ) no longer sound cheesy - and the styles often serve as excellent starting points for musical ideas or experimentation.

if SCALER were able to fully “Speak” Yamaha chord-progression-language - it would be uber cool!

I realise the proportion of musicians out there that own hardware arrangers compared to other kinds of keyboard are very small - but if SCALER were to do what I propose it would really open up what’s possible. Of course it would be far better of YAMAH just did a decent job and put in proper editing features etc etc - but the way YAMAHA works is a little like that work-house boss handing out food in the OLIVER story!..