Add Time signature option

Since some time I wanted to compose a waltzer, and I also followed @jjfagot advice, but I was unable to do that :cold_face:

So an option to add time-signatures automatically (times, durations and rests included), AFTER having found a series of chords, could be welcome for me

BTW: the option to apply time signature AFTER, not before having found a series of chords, could have the further benefit to create very odd times like e.g. Technwaltzer or a Polk-hop :crazy_face: :rofl:

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When you were trying @jjfagot advise did you remember to set Ableton Live for 3/4 time as well? Your DAW needs to have its base set to three other wise it won’t work as well. I can set Scaler and any pads to various time signatures if the DAW reflects that. Just a thought.


I don’t remember, but I think I created something similar
the problem is that I found hard to “cavare il ragno dal buco” (take out the spider from its hole) even following his advice

This is why a series of presets could be useful for a folk like me, with poor musical skills and reluctant to study
:crazy_face: :rofl:

If you are using expressions then you must be aware that very few of those are in 3. Most are 4 except for a couple like Mysterioso and the 3/4 phrases. So even change time signature wont change the expression unless they come up with some or add a bunch of 3/4 performances,

How about d/ling a few Johann Strauss midis for a base to extract from ? Imaginative plagiarism can be creative …


Indeed. You should set your DAW’s time to 3/4 (or 6/4). And Scaler on x1.5 Timing Playback and x2 Chord duration.
I am preparing a video that I hope to finish tomorrow on this topic. I cannot allow a melodic imagination like Claudio’s to run out of his Waltz


This video is made as a demo of how to adjust Scaler to ternary tempos, specifically 3/4
I was planning to put Opus Orchestrator performances here as well, but my computer doesn’t allow me to record videos with many instruments; you can see in the video CPU load (top right) how much it uses for 2 scalers and 2 instruments. However, I hope it will help my colleagues at the Scaler Forum, especially Claudio, who will surely write a nice waltz soon.


Yes and don’t forget triplet quantisation helps fit into many simple and compound time signatures. So you can use 4/4 material and apply a 12th note global quantisation for example.


I’ll try to compose a Technwaltzer or a Polk-hop tonight…
stay tuned
(forewarned is forearmed :rofl: )

mmm :thinking: I cannot recognize a waltzer here…
maybe we are not speaking of the same waltzer or my musical ear is just deaf :crazy_face: :rofl: :cold_face:
I mean this one

I never quite could get into the Vienna Waltz, but I did enjoy the Argentinean derivative of Tango Vals.

:smiley: I know, I know: I did a 6 month course about that in the nineties, but I abandoned it preferring African dances
so you are one of those people dancing with ongoing left/right stiff neck? :rofl: