Adding more octaves to the key you're in


Is there a way to add more chords/octaves alongside the defaulted eight chords that usually show up when a Scale is selected? (in row ‘A’ or ‘B’)

Im writing a song, and the chords I’ve chosen also includes the ‘ii’ chord at a higher octave - when im performing using Scaler, is there a way to add another “ii” chord alongside the default eight?

I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

I’d like to perform with two octaves in a Scaler selected key, instead of one.

I must admit of all my videos this is one area I have not fully explained and users aren’t aware. You can create chords across multiple patterns in section C. You can then command click multiple patterns and it will play through them and then if you bind section C it will allow you to trigger them all. I will make a video focussing on patterns. See attached


That’s amazing! That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve! Thank you for the answer and to the entire team for a great product.