ADSL upgraded

Today I activated a wi-max line

It is way better than any other I had

So now I can download happily Scaler with all the sounds I never use
:grinning: :rofl:

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That looks like it might be an upgrade from ADSL to VDSL. You can tell which it is because you need adaptors for devices on ADSL but not on VDSL.

VDSL is distance dependent, but your rate is not bad. The good news is that to further upgrade to VDSL2 is almost certainly an option which would give you circa 74Mbps download.

I can forsee a rapid increase in line traffic at chez Porcellana.

The Spitfire Originals I just downloaded was 15.3 Gb, so that would have been about a month on your old service :slight_smile:

[Aren’t you closer to Turin than Milan ?~}

I am based in Turin, and I could have upgraded to 100mb, but is normally useless for us because we don’t have any bandwidth suckers :rofl:

The real ping to the antenna is way lower because it’s 500 meter away

I added this line to have a backup because a week ago we had 2 days without Internet and was a nightmare :cold_face:

We used our smartphone as USB tethering devices, but they are slow

Well, I downloaded 1 GB in 3 minutes
It means I can swallow almost everything now :grinning:

But without a decent ADSL, I think that many will be unhappy to download ballasts
so I could split Scaler from most of its sounds, If I were a Scaler dev :wink: