Advanced Guitar Tutorials

Any Scaler user who wants to understand Guitar better beyond the basics will be well rewarded by spending time with Robbie Barnby.

I have no affiliation with the channel other than being a fan and viewer. I’ve viewed many on-line Guitar Tutorial channels and there’s lots of very good ones, but, for me, Robbie Barnby’s got some of the best material going. Fret Jam is also top notch, for example.

I’d love to see some of the more advanced concepts discussed on his channel incorporated into some future version of Scaler.


Ive been using YT for guitar lessons and if you want the easiest and best way, most comprehensive
web site try Zombie Guitars - Brian Kelly I cannot tell you how good a teacher he is and puts some of the more complicated guitar learning into brilliant backing track based learning…

Just brilliant …

not affiliated by the way …ta

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Prior to YT being the default source of instructional materials for, well, anything, I spent a fortune on DVDs from Lick Library. As the web expanded there are now an amazing range of guitar vids from a huge range of generally competent guitarists with a range of tutoring skills.

… and then of course there are the ‘pros’ who have a track record and play guitars for a living who also bring out the odd video (Gilbert, Petrucci etc)

I’m always sceptical with the ones that start “wasting your life practising scales and reading theory ? With my approach you will be able to play any scale / chord in any part of the neck and solo over them at 320bpm after only 25 minutes practise”

I had a quick look at Brian Kelly’s site, and it appears to warrant further examination, (although he does have a touch of ‘mastering this is easy’ and ‘musical theory is simple’ approach) and I will be studying it in more detail…

I have only looked at a tiny, tiny fraction of such web materials, but I do have some personal “stand outs.” who are both exceptional players and talented teachers.

However, it’s a mugs game attempting to rate guitarists, because any comment is likely to bring the trolls down on your head, and there are so many incredibly talented players of the past and now here and today. So this is my own personal view and will be different to anyone else who has ever picked up an axe … but … (from a skills +teaching style perspective)

for example on Fusion legato (not my bag) Tom Quayle tends to be a guitarist’s guitar player, but is one such person IMHO

But surely one the finest players -anywhere - around, bar none, as an all-rounder, with a superb mastery of multiple genres, and an exceptional t teacher to boot, is the amazing Guthrie Govan. (“Scary”, as Joe Satriani puts it)

Another site of someone who is not a virtuoso (in the Steve Vai etc sense of the word) is Jake Lizzio. Why he is different is he focusses on how to compose songs and the related guitar techniques and theory to doing so - I’ve found some useful tips here.

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Good post. Those BPM fakers are funny. What’s the point? It’s like cheating at Chess and claiming you play well. It’s just pointless and may do harm to people just starting out.

I’m a Ted Greene person and had private teachers, I have some college level music education, lots of self-study. I love playing and listing to many great well-known players on all instruments in many styles. Not all of my favorite players are “virtuoso” players. Feeling, musical feeling, is what moves me most. I like the guitar in all her contexts. I work in media production but I’m married to music and she and I have always had a great relationship. :slight_smile: