Advice for a keyboard support

Hi there

I wand have my keyboard in a more comfortable position and I suspect this
rockjam Z-style

is more reliable and customizable than the other type
Rockjam X-style

What do you think about?

You are right, Claudio. I had the X-style stand , but recently I bought a Z-style, which is much more stable than the old one. It is very similar to the one you are looking for.


You can easily adjust the width and the height of the stand.

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the website this link points to is trying to sell me some Italian cookies, but I am on a low carb diet :rofl:


I use Quick Lok brand which is Italian!

And the Hercules Z stands are great too

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I ditched my X stand when I got two keyboards, and the type you cite is IMHO certainly more stable than the X design.

Because my Roland JD800 is pretty heavy, I got the 'table type.


yes, I see, but they are expensive: almost double :cold_face:

hahahaha, you made my day :rofl:

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Well, today I suddenly realized I had a suitable “support” already

I don’t know the exact model, but I think it can be called B&D XZ-style, or Y-style maybe :grinning:

It is stable, sturdy with a maximum load of 160 kg, and above all free

So I advice everybody to do a look in the garage or attic before acquiring one

I take it that ‘do it yourself’ round the house no longer figures in your task lists …

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Not easy to put your legs inside though. And the height is not adjustable. But, if you like it, just do it :slight_smile:

yes, indeed, my manual ability is way decreased after my marriage, beacuse my wife (as any wife in the world I suppose :rofl:) strongly dislikes dust & noises

It’s a pity because in the past I was even able to built most part of a custom electric guitar, included the bridge, the tailpieces, and fine tuners starting from simple brass/iron rods

Here is that custom guitar (close to a Gibson Les Paul) with just the fretboard to be added

BTW, at the time I was also tempted to DIY a humbucker pickup, but I was unable to find the extra-thin cable needed :crazy_face:

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Well, the height is correct (I measured it first)
About the other issue, I’ll test it and let you know

Speak for yourself buddy! In our house it is her who clutters the place with physical instruments and making noise with her accoustic practice :wink:


Actually, this was easy, and the height was fine also
The problem was rather the depth, forcing me to stay too far away the monitors

So I think I’ll search for another solution, or I’ll just be stuck on leaving the MIDI keyboard on the table, a bit higher and backward compared to the PC keyboard & mouse

I got a similar Z stand with locking wheels for my SL88 Grand. The center support bar hit my shins so I drilled holes in the bottom back side pieces and mounted it there. Still solid, roomier, and rolls great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for all your insight

Actually I found that the even a Z table interferes with the PC keyboard support forcing me to stay too far away the monitors, so I’ll keep using the MIDI keyboard on the table at the moment

If I’ll be able to find a solution, I’ll let you know