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Hi pals

I just read this interesting reasoning about AI

I found it very interesting, because it is in line with something I am reasoning these days, that is: I have now the best plugins I was able to afford, but my satisfaction is decreasing for a number of reasons.

One of them is that I am not actually evolved as a “musician” and my improvements are not reached becoming more able to play an instrument, but only using the “ability” (samples) of real musicians, so what’s the point going on this way, compared to simply listen my huge record library?

Hard to answer… :thinking:

@ClaudioPorcellana I thought your idea was to jam along with the tracks. Are you not jamming now? All you did was add better sounding instruments to what you were doing. What changed?

yes, but even if the “sound improved”, my skills are poor as before,
so the fun is decreasing
The same applies to cartoons: I have funny ideas, but my drawings are a crap

Sounds to me like you need to try something different, maybe get some inspiration.
This is a good three part tutorial to try.

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There is nothing new in generative music per se… PCs can do more extensive things and are quicker but the concepts of assisting / replacing creative artists has been around for a long time.

I mentioned in a prior post Mozart using dice to put snippets of music together (Live has random elements and works on building from clips); In live there are some progressions form Tim Cole. I think it’s the same Tim Cole who created Koan 30 years ago (I met him somewhere and got a very early copy) which was 100%% generative. He worked with Brain Eno with this.
See Koan (program) - Wikipedia

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Well, at the moment I think I’ll make a long rest (pun intended :grin:) with DAW and plugins, and I’ll come back listening my record library

Later who knows?

You have to ask yourself what it is you want to do. If it’s just to jam for yourself you already have that down. If you want to learn how to PLAY over a chord progression you need to learn. You have all the tools.

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The problem with that is that you will have to start doing more exercise. Right now, your heart rockets every time you open things like K etc and it’s the equivalent of doing a 2 Km jog every day.
Maybe if you just use Scaler and a piano to jam to, that would be the same as a 20 minute stroll. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, actually I love even more strolling on high mountains to play with these guys… :heart_eyes:

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Sure, I ask, but no replies so far :grin: :rofl:

Nice article / reading. That’s a perspective you usually don’t find that much. Many are either completely hyped or sceptical in a way that shows they did not undestand what AI can do and what it can’t.

But I guess that’s not the main topic in this thread here. I also wonders what AI does to my motivation to do creative things. But see it like that: One thing AI can never take away is having fun to make music, e.g. jamming or coming up with something.
AI might give you end results, but not the journey to it :slight_smile:

Sometimes it’s also good to take a bit of a break, so have fun in the mountains!

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Happy Jammer, You might need a change or a rest before you get fired up again. I am getting into AI art and finding it quite fun. I wrote a little nonprofit blog on what I have found so far. Connects to some music too at

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yes, indeed
I am studying a cartoon with my new character Vampirlotto

I’ll let you know :grin: :rofl:

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Yes, I had a lot of fun with this buddies

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