AI functionality

Are there any plans to build in ‘A.I’ functionality into scaler for suggesting melodies and chord progressions based on genres ? (something similar to Instacomposer)

I have Instacomposer (and as it happens , Captain Epic) and from my personal perspective Scaler’s approach and functions are not the same as these two ‘generative’ apps. There is overlap, but IMHO Scaler’s goals are somewhat different - it isn’t a direct Instacomposer alternative.

I’m trying to drill into your question more, because Scaler does have genre driven progressions.

under ‘Songs’.
On the other hand, as far as I can see Instacomposer has no selection of options based on named genre, and instead composition is effected using the selected generic progression.

In particular, Scaler’s ‘Performances’ are orthogonal to genre, and adapt to scale and chords as defined in the patterns.

Unlike Instacomposer, which will create a whole piece for you after pressing ‘Go’, Scaler does not do this. Instead, you build some piece using the extensive range of tools it provides, as there is no ‘insta’. You are the composer, not Scaler; and as the promotional blurb says, it’s goal is to ‘enable the composer within’.

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I use instacomposer for some ‘sketches & ideas’ its a great product but pretty limited, Scaler & instacomposer together works really well, it would be nice if everything was in one place. I also use the Orb producer suite