AIR Ignite into Scaler

I bought recently the EzKeys pipe organ but Toontrack has no packages suitable for a pipe organ

I tried to use Scaler for it, but I found its phrases etc. not very suitable for a pipe organ, so today I realized that AIR Ignite was possibly one option, and it is, but figure the possibility of having something like AIR Ignite in Scaler… :smiley:

The development of AIR Ignite stopped on about 2016, and I think it is a sort of abandonware now, so maybe that Scaler developers can ask them for the code, or offer a collaboration?

If you have certain keyboards that were sold with AIR Ignite you can download the last but one release for free, or you can download the trial of the last one and test it

I reinstalled it just now and below you see a result; figure it embedded in Scaler :astonished:

here is a jazzy organ made with no effort in AIR Ignite

here the same MIDI used for EzKeys Dream Machine

here the same MIDI used for EzKeys pipe organ