Air Music Black Friday Sale

Got an email last night that Air Music is holding a Black Friday sale for 1 week on its synthesisers (also chack on Plugin Boutique).

These include Xpand!2 on sale for $10 (I like the sounds on this multi-timbrel rompler, check with @ClaudioPorcellana who also uses it). It works well with Scaler 2 MVO.

yes, it works perfectly with MMO (or whatever you like calling it :grin:)

moreover, it has the best Larssen effect for distorted guitar I found so far IMHO, and violins + ethnic sounds are wonderful

the only cons is that you cannot add instruments AFAIK, but they sell many expansion packages, even if in styles I don’t love

Structure seems very promising at 10 bucks

the only cons to me is the 37+GB pack :cold_face: :rofl:

I think I might try it our over the weekend, but it does take up a lot of space. It “needs” 110GB! I think for the library

and the other problem is the old GUI, apparently hard to resize
I need big fonts instead :cold_face:

Hi @ClaudioPorcellana

Just wondering if you have used Structure before? On the demo sounds the samples sound quite good to me but I would value your opinion.

I read some reviews on the Internet
anyway who knows?
maybe we are able to read its GUI
I’ll download it later even if many hours are needed

YUK, they say I downloaded it too much times, even if I just tried once
OK, no problem

In the meanwhile I downloaded the demo of Sonic Cat Purity that seems similar

I am only intersted in Structure because it is so cheap (£10 from PIB) with a big library, but I do not like the GUI so far.

I couldn’t download it from the Air Tech site but I have downloaded it from PIB as a trial (14 days) and it did take me hours.

What happened then?
Is it good?

Hi @ClaudioPorcellana

For a tenner it has some good orchestral samples. but a lot of the synth patches were from Xpand!2 and Hybrid (both of which I have bought on sale last year). Also, as you pointed out,

I haven’t been able to do this so YUK on the GUI. But it does work ok multi timbrel in Reaper and does not seem to be too resource hungry.

I started downloading it, but just the 1st part was in my hands relatively fast
I gave it up then: too much big stuff to me