AIR plugins for peanuts

I am not interested, but other maybe
AIR plugins for peanuts


Xpand 2, while older, is an OUTSTANDING VI. I drive it with Scaler all the time in Studio One.

Part of a FIVE VI Bundle for Plugin Boutique for only $10!


Xpand 2 interface too small,no good

Buy a loupe for other 10 bucks


Get a bigger monitor. :slight_smile:

… for 10 bucks?? :laughing:

@Bernd For all the other VIs that don’t scale and looks cool like mine…I use TWO 48" TVs that are 4K. Cost for both? $500. :slight_smile:


Cool! If I go the route of using TV screens, I’d try to mimick Jeff Gibbons’ setup…

It seems you need an optician :nerd_face:
I mentioned 10 bucks for a loupe :rofl:

Optician, magnifying glass, same difference :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Claudio,

Even knowing that they have been on the scene for a lot of years without major updates, I use AIR plugins quite frequently in my music production resources, sharing hierarchy next to other “more modern” plugins.

Xpand!2 is simply an amazing all-purpose library with thousands of sound presets available when you want not to load huge sampler libraries, which I also use obviously, but sometimes an easy and fast setting plays a big role. For example, when I need to set a check sound source quickly for Scaler, Xpand is my go-to-now.

BTW, I have realized that Xpand!2 is some “alternative” secret sauce hidden in the cooking books of not so few contemporary electronic music producers.

Hybrid, Loom II, The Riser, Velvet, Structure, Strike and Minigrand are still awesome instruments, synths and sampler players even with the passage of time and some GUI details lacking updating. Best of all, in the best times for me years ago I never paid more than 5 to 20 bucks and even did get some for free in old sales seasons.

We have to keep in mind that the AIR plugins mentioned above plus its efx plugins were the standard of high end performance and quality included in ProTools for years until they went “out of the way” and AIR MT decided to make them VST compatible and offer frequent sales at bargain prices.

I have no business relationship with AIR :slight_smile: I just can’t get over the awesome help, despite some annoyances, they have given me with its quality while at a budget cost.

This is a short 80’s danceable thing I made in a few minutes for this post.
Except for the vocals and some percussion and drums, almost everything is AIR plugins… Scaler 2.4 performs the arpeggios for AIR Xpand!2.strings and chords for one of the keys on Hybrid.

The bass and some keys/pads are AIR Hybrid, the final fall boom fx with AIR LOOM II , guitar funk loop from Xpand!2. Drum EDM is AIR Strike.

Effects from UJAM RETRO and NEO, Smooth Operator and Out Space (BabyAudio)
DAW is Reaper 6.29 x64
My playing in soloing and rhythm “real” guitar (Gibson LP) processed with Overloud TH-U


The part I love more is the “hand-on” the real Gibson
:grinning: :bomb:

Anyway, do I understand well that the AIR Xpand!2 (that I have for free together my keyboard), manages samples only?

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  • Fixed mix, some annoyances caused by quickly earphones monitoring. Sorry.


Thank you!
Yes, Xpand!2 is a rompler in steroids. although it can’t load samples, for those sampling tasks use Structure if want to hold with AIR instruments.

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I reinstalled Xpand!2, and it’s interesting, above all for strings that are quite a pain to use in BBC Discover, and for textures

The other Xpand!2 instruments are not bad sometimes, and I was very surprised of how it works so well for classical music, :astonished: so I think I’ll keep it

Classical music like Tarkus?

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if only it were true!

BTW, I see a couple of strange analogic “devices” in the brown case on the right