Akai Midimix the saga keeps going

After some time, I realized that moving VB3 drawbars is fun, but having just 8 sliders isn’t at all
A MIDI controller dedicated exists but it’s expensive
A MIDI controller with 18 sliders maybe exist, but is certainly much expensive

At the end, I find more useful using the Midimix for the field it was made for, i.e. volumes, pans, etc.

There is one issue anyway: I have just 8 sliders for 8 instrument’s tracks and Scaler is 1 instrument, so I can control 4 instruments only sometimes

Sure, I know that I can set Ableton templates where Scaler instances have no slider joined, but there is a way to have Scaler instances not recognized as instruments?

This way, I could get rid of templates that aren’t exactly comfortable to use while jamming (compared to editing)

I don’t know about the Akai, but the Novation LaunchControlXL allows for track scrolling, meaning you can move to the right in your Ableton session to have the faders address more than 8 tracks. You can also connect 2 LaunchControl devices to Ableton and it will automatically map the second set of controls to the next 16 tracks. Not that it would save you money necessarily, but it is technically possible to have enough hardware faders. BTW the Maschine Jam does the same thing, with the track scrolling.

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Well, I check that, but even if present it’s one more hassle, and not worthy considering I have to create a different template for any kind of combination and remember then to use the proper one…
And in my case, remembering too much essential things ruins my fun in jamming

On the contrary, a simple way to have Scaler instances not recognized as instruments but e.g. MIDI tracks could be welcome, but I’ll survive quite well to this lacking

BTW, I see you asked for something similar

Thanks, @Bernd!
I just found the purpose of Bank Left and Bank Right in Akai MIDIMIX

And now I am able to switch sliders 8 tracks left & right, and I can use the 16 VB3 drawbars if needed, even if I don’t know if I’ll ever use that because it’s uncomfortable

The only way to use a VB3 like a real Hammond is having most sliders and pots available at the same time with their D9X controller: too expensive at the moment