AKAI Midimix with GSi VB3-II: mapping issues fixed at long last!

on the other hand, with this routing

I can have solos in tune, but I cannot move the sliders
That bad situation when you feel to be close to the target but you cannot reach

You’ll need to setup what I call a MIDI Yoke. I’ll need to wait till later as I am away from my apartment.

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Maybe I found the solution

here is the routing

The trick is that the 2nd Scaler input is my keyboards and it drives VB3 the usual way, while the MIDImix is the input of a MIDI track that links the controller to VB3
Now I can move the drawbars and jam solos in tune, BINGO!

I’ll save this as an Ableton Preferred, so I can retrieve it

And here is a raw song called Jamming with Jamieh

That looks like it. Have fun!

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Yeah, now I can have a lot of fun
thanks a lot for your critical suggestion to leave VB3 alone

Now, apart the drawbars, there are other things worthy to be mapped in VB3?

@jamieh at the end I preferred mapping VB3, because it keeps the new mapping when closed and relaunched, while the MIDImix editor doesn’t

Moreover, the MIDImix editor is absent-minded sometimes, losing the mapping, that is quite bothering

I also tried to understand what’s a “yoke”, and I tried the Bome tool, but I was unable to do anything: programming is not for me :crazy_face:

And here is my final remapping on the MIDImix

Red circled are Drawbars Upper SET A
Yellow circled are Drawbars Upper SET B
Blue circled are the VB3-II central panel

VB3 panel

The vibrato is linked to my Alesis Q49 Data Entry

And all sliders (green circled) are Ableton Live volumes

The routing in Ableton doesn’t change

A midi yoke is 2 or more controller tracks routed to a single track that you can control an instrument with. Sounds like you figured it out. Congratulations.

I figured out what is a yoke, but I was totally unable to create the proper yoke, so I don’t deserve any congratulations

Did you or did you not get your VB3 working the way you wanted? Sounds like you did to me. You’re playing it. Signals are going in - sound is coming out - drawbars are moving in real time. Seems to earn congratulations to me.

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Ah, OK!
I believed your congratulations were because I found what is a “yoke”, LOL

I installed MIDIOX and BOME, then I tried to create the appropriate translators to be able to use the 9 sliders only (no knobs), and switch from the left to the right drawbars with just 1 trigger like in the GS controller, but I was totally unable to do that, even following a video and textual explanation

Great, Claudio. I am glad you figured it out and that you will be able to enjoy playing your VB3!

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Yes, indeed, playing that plugin being able to move all its trinkets while jamming is pure lust for ears and eyes

Yesterday I was too hasty: The MIDI mapping is a shit in Ableton Live because it can be saved just as a template or a Live set, that is generally uncomfortable (to me at least)

It means that if I don’t start from that special template or Live Set, all mappings are lost

I searched for “Ableton live don’t save mapping” and I found it’s normal :japanese_goblin:

Quite likely it is made by purpose, to sell expensive scripts as advised by @Bernd

Well, at this point I’ll use the Midimix to drive Ableton with the embedded script

Later I’ll buy the VB3 official controller if Guido Sconamiglio guarantees me that it will work in my system: Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum

You are running Live 11? Just make the one with the mappings the default set so it opens every time you open Live. Very easy. I’ve always saved a template as well so I can always get it back. Not the end of the world (yet).

Yes, I can set a default Set, but I don’t like this procedure
I want that the mapping is carved in the wooden case, as in the real stuff

Apparently, I can do that in the VB3 GUI, but there are issues linked to this controller that keeps driving some GUI items with the same knob, and I was unable to avoid this

Now, I think I lost too many evenings and nights to reason on and try, to reach nothing that a bunch of useless saved files
I give up

So you will spend hours mapping a controller but won’t spend 5 seconds to save as a template? :face_with_monocle: Oh well.

I understand that it’s strange :crazy_face:

Well, maybe because I didn’t understand the templates yet, but I found so far I cannot use 2 of them, i.e import a template in another one, or I’m wrong?

I try to explain: I currently have these templates


The first 2 are Ableton defaults and I never used them

The other 3 are those I use more, but I have to add another for my new AAS Lounge Lizard EP 4 (another bomb like the VB3)

Well, to jam with the VB3 I use “2 Scaler for 2 VB3”
Now you are saying I can map the VB3 in that template and when I reload the template all mapping are there?

OK, I believe you, but I think to have got that I cannot join e.g. “2 scalers for Strum” with “2 Scaler per 2 VB3”, isn’t it?

So, it means I have to set dozens of templates for each kind of set of instruments I could imagine, even the more exotic, that means 5 minutes (not 5 seconds, I am a sloth :rofl:) multiplied for dozens, and so much trouble for the little advantage to move drawbars?
No worthy for my liking
I prefer to buy a dedicated controller that does all that automatically

You have quite the dilemma. I don’t have all the answers since your questions tend to change over time.
But here is the thing about Live –
You see the triangle on the left side of the Live icon? If you click on that you will see the tracks in the session. You can drag any of those into your current session. Select the tracks and drag them so the cursor is at the top bar and you’ll see an orange line. Let go and the tracks will load. Don’t know of that will help. You may need to assign the input of Scaler again but that should only take a few seconds.
[I just tested this and if you drag all the tracks assigned to each other at the same time they will still be linked]
The best thing I think would be to open your “2 Scaler for 2 VB3” - Remove any recorded MIDI clips so it’s clean - Save as Temple named “2 Scaler for 2 VB3 Template” then use that first and drag your strum tracks into that or whatever others you need. This can be any session not just a template. You can add any tracks to any open Live session from any session on your computer, you just have to navigate to it through the Live Browser. Save that one as your" jamming make music session" and rock out.
[ADDENDUM] You can drag a whole session into an open session the same way and it adds all tracks to the new session.
Hopefully you get the idea not to write over the template.
Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 8.33.38 PM


I found why I was previously unable to load a template into another one!

I must do a D&D, not a double-click on the .als that will replace the current template :crazy_face:
To partly justify myself, I always do these testing during the night, when I am not exactly conscious

Thanks a lot for that, but…
The VB3 template I just mapped looses its mappings when added to another template…

OK, got it!
I must start with the mapped template, then add the unmapped ones
problem solved

BTW: this way I can skip the AKAI editor; just telling Ableton I am using an MPK mini mkI (or any programmable controller) makes the mojo

Anyway, I think I was also confounded by information (text, videos) found on the Internet

Contrary to many Ableton, AKAI or other forumians, Ableton Live Sets and Templates store custom mappings, and it is possible to load a template (als) next to another template in the same session using drag & drop as @jamieh kindly said to me

But what happens if you want to use 2 (or more) instruments, each with its custom mapping?
Two (or more) dedicated controllers will work, or the DAW will use just one of them to avoid possible overlapping?