All my Izotopes at 100 EUR... no more XD

Melodyne 5 Essential
Neutron 3 Advanced
Ozone 9 Advanced
Nectar 3 Plus
Ozone Imager V2
VocalSynth 2

Their purchase history is quite messed up, so I don’t remember what of them was paid or not, but I think that €100 or USD equivalent can be interesting

Below is their policy

To transfer a license to another user, the original owner of the license must contact iZotope directly with our support form at the link below:

Be sure to include this information in the form:

Name of the new user
E-mail address of the new user
Serial Number of the product the owner would like to have transferred

They just confirmed I can sell Ozone
I asked if the others are to be sold together or separated

Well, after having tried EZMix, I think that Izotopes are better, because you don’t have to buy anything else

I only have to not exaggerate, as recommended by @jamieh
Actually, I think that I’ll use them scarcely, trying rather to mix better by ear