Allow Overwrite in cases of 'Mapping already assigned'


Consider that we have a mapping of a specific CC to a specific Performance (Recall Playback Settings).

Scaler makes it very easy to browse to find a Perf you like better, but once you find it an attempt to immediately map the new choice results in a ‘Mapping already assigned’ message and the newly desired assignment does not happen. The required next step is for the user to exit that dialog, open the Command Mappings dialog, find and delete the old mapping, and then have another go at making the replacement mapping.

It would be very helpful if a ‘Mapping already assigned’ situation offered an immediate one-click and/or hit-Return option to overwrite the old mapping with the desired new one.

Please consider this for implementation at some appropriate future point. Thanks!

Also, ideally, such a new replacement done via Overwrite would go into the same location in the Command Mapping List where the old discarded command used to be.

As you probably already imagine, when mapping to layout a grid controller, keeping the groups of 8 (typically) visually intact is pretty important to efficient workflow and management.

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Hi @sj1

Override of already existing mapping is coming in 2.4.1

It makes the programming of complex sessions much easier.

Thanks for the suggestion,


Wonderful, thank you!

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