Allow separate full chord or arpeggio per chord block

As you add chords to your build, it would be nice to set each block different. In addition being able to play the arpeggio forward or backward individually on each chord block.

I just bought this 2 days ago and I’m learning on the fly. I have it running in Reaper, driving my soft synths and using my 61 key controller to play full chords w/ a single key.

This is the songwriting tool I’ve been looking for forever. Keep making it better! Please,

@madmarcus1960 Glad you’re enjoying it. We :heart: it too!
Scaler 2 will feature individual performance and length option for each block. Stay tuned.

When is that expected out and will there be an upgrade path for 2019 buyers?

Scaler 2 due Q3 this year and absolutely there will be an upgrade path for current users. You will have a few free updates to go first including Scaler 1.7 scheduled for Feb 27th.