Allowed Forum File Extensions

A minor but helpful thing, IMO, would be if a Forum admin could update the list of allowed file extensions for posting in the Forum.

Then we could dispense with kludges like this:

" Note: All above files have been renamed with “.mid” at the end so that they could be uploaded here. After downloading, just rename them to delete the “.mid” at the end.

AFAIK, all Forum softwares allow the list of allowed extensions to be edited.

I propose adding: .syx, .als, .bwproject, .song, .cpr

Others may add to this suggested list (mostly DAW file types).

The point is not to make a burden for the admin(s), but just for the admin(s), from time to time (on no fixed schedule) to curate the list in a way that simplifies life and saves time for both contributing uploaders and downloaders alike.

Thanks for considering if this might be possible.

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AFAIK, PDF files are not permitted. I believe these should also be allowed. They are pretty risk free in the main if read only.

I’m fine with this and the ones suggested by @sj1 but I will pass on to @Ed1 to allow in case there is a reason he has not.

We tend to avoid hosting files here to keep things simple. Project files contain copyrighted materials and might embed some personal information.

For now, I would suggest using your own storage solution, Dropbox, Google Drive etc… and posting a link to the file.


Your Forum, Your Rules, of course -

but observation around the internet, especially in support forums for music-related stuff, offers a massive historical record of broken links and lost contributions - many thousands of hours of loving, generous labor forever gone, “like tears in rain.”

Disk space is cheap, a cohesive community record over time is priceless.

I hope at some future point the value of encouraging centralized posting/hosting can be reconsidered in this light and judged favorably.