Alternate std guitar tunings

I have been using guitars tuned in std.E, Eb/D#, D, Db/C# and C…meaning the chord “shapes” and relationships remain the same. This accommodates allowing singers to work in their “comfort range” while the accompanist uses familiar voicing. Perhaps consider adding these into the options available…Cheers!../s~

almost something like a capo… but with a negative range as well like fret -2 etc

yup, that’s the ticket!. More frequently these days creators come in and can’t hit the “high notes like back in the day.” And rather than spend time rearranging the guitar cords/etc, I just use a “drop” tuning…/s~

I switched to ‘all fourths’ tuning, so it would be handy to have alternates…

I can convert it to standard (sort of) with my Spider capo
without touching the tuning heads, as it always takes me about three (frustrating) hours to re-tune my double locking RG2620.

Folks: I’ve chipped in on this one a while ago:

Aug '19
Hi @Greta.
I’d certainly like to be able to explore, within Scaler, the many custom tunings associated with Joni Mitchell:
Joni Mitchell Guitar Tunings Notation 3
Joni Mitchell - Tuning Patterns 3


12 days later


Aug '19

we have now released Scaler 1.8.1 containing the baritone guitar tunings. It is accessible from your account page on the Plugin Boutique website.

thanks for the suggestion, we have added those to the roadmap and will review the link you sent to try and add them into a future version.

As mentioned before, we plan on adding the ability for users to create their own tunings at some point, but at the moment it is still a manual process. Don’t hesitate to suggest the ones you would like to see in Scaler.