"Am/D" how to do in Scaler?

The chord progression of the song 《shape of you》is Am ,Am/D ,F,G

How can Am / D do it in Scaler?

I only see Am / C, Am / E through transposition

Make an Am chord and add a D in the Bass. Scaler will probably rename it but it will be the right notes.

yes. Name is D7(sus2), not Am/D

Am I right to do this? You have time to try it for me. thanks :smiley:

Just the way Scaler wants to name things. But that’s the chord. Scaler can’t be forced to name it any other way as far as I know.

Ask something else.
Do you like Tresillo Rhythm’s music?

Triplett rhythms? Sort of Cuban beat? It’s a good beat.

yes. Every time I hear this music, my whole body can’t help moving.
Moreover, this feeling is matched with the chords produced by scaler alone, which is very good, and there is no need for too complex music. It can be very comfortable.
Can sing, can rap, can be slow, can be faster.
I read on YouTube that many popular songs are like this. Professional people may feel too vulgar, but I think it’s very good. My favorite songs before are:
《Despacito - Luis Fonsi、Daddy Yankee》
《Shape of You - Ed Sheeran》
《Sia - Cheap Thrills》
I learned today that these belong to tresillo rhythm :rofl:

Because I’m listening, I’ll discuss it with you. ha-ha :sweat_smile:

Here is one explanation —
The Am consists of the tones A (1), C (3) and E (5). In a slash chord the bass can sometimes be part of the chord, but doesn’t necessarily have to. In this case the bass note D is not a part of the Am chord written on the left.

The Am/D chord can also be considered as D7sus2 chord. Or as D7(9) without the 3rd being played. Therefore you can play this chord instead of D7 (D9, D13) or D7sus (sus2, sus4, sus9, etc.). Practically it will most likely be used instead of Dsus9 (and you can normally as well apply Dsus9 where Am/D is written). Dsus9 can be interpreted as Am7/D (considering the 5th A of Dsus9 being played). Usually you’ll more likely interpret/write Dsus9 as C/D.

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