An Idea to the next Update: Make Volume an option from Preferences

Dear Scaler, I have had your extraordinary plugin since the beginning. Even gladly pay for the upgrade to Scaler 2. And I am delighted with the amount of updates you offer us.

My proposal I think should be very easy to add for your next Scaler update.
Allow that from the Preferences we can configure the global volume of the application in any of its functions (midi, instrument)

I think it should be easy and thus one could have a soft feeling of volume when looking for chords. Of course I can lower the volume of the computer, but I think it would be the best if we have this possibility from your preferences

Thank so Much

Thanks for feedback, I guess adding a volume slider in prefs is not such a bad thing but I do think its nicely balanced and may cause confusion ion inadvertently set. Also not possible to control third party volumes via a MIDI FX. Will have a chat with Ed and team.

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