Another Feature Idea - Detect Chords based on Melody

First off,

Thanks for acknowledging request and suggestions. Slowing down the Strummer to make it sound more natural is real helpful when you want to play some nice Jazz, Neo Soul or R&B Ballad chords. So thank you for listening.

My suggestion for future updates would be to add something that would allow the Detect to place the chords as you are playing them. Most of the time I create songs based on the melody I hear in my head and not the scale. I am learning the numbering system really fast thanks to your software but it would be nice to have something that laid the chords out as you play the melody and not just the voicing. I am figuring it out as I am using this as a tool to learn theory. I hope I am explaining it correctly.

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Well, I do the same. I have a melody but no clue how to add chords. I bought Scaler because I hoped it would suggest me chords for my melody. In spite of the fact that this doesn’t work i as i imagined, Scaler is a great product.

Hi @cyorkgo

glad you like the update :slight_smile:

we plan on improving the strumming by allowing more control to the speed and velocity of each profile to give more realistic chords.

This is of course part of a hundred of other small improvement and ideas we have from everyone in the team and here on the forum so I can’t promise you when this will be ready.

It is always a challenge to go from the melody to the chords (@Miki ). Finding the scale is usually simply part of the work and it is usually where the more advanced theory can help.

Our goal as always been to make Scaler an inspiring tool where you can do exactly what you describe. Input your melody and get great sounding chords. The next updates of Scaler will make it a lot smarter in regards to the chords it can suggest.

It will help a lot but there is also no good answer for Scaler to give. The perfect chord suggestion based on the theory might not be the best choice for the track you are trying to make… We have great progressions in many genres in Scaler for this reason :wink:


Thanks for the response and taking the time to listen to your customers.

The great thing is that I use Scaler as a learning tool and not just a tool to “cheat” and play one finger chords. So my understand of theory is getting better daily because if it (scaler). Unlike some that use it as a way to just make a beat, I have discipline myself to play the actual chords once I learn what they are. So Scaler is really helping me take my playing to another level and making me a “real” musician that can play with other musicians instead of just being a studio beat maker. It is nothing like jamming with other musicians and reaching that spiritual connection. It’s magical. I took piano lessons when I was a kid so this is really helping me to remember what I forgot. Thanks again for creating this software. It has really helped me a lot.

Looking forward to future updates.

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Hi Miki actually this is one of the intentions for Scaler. You play an ostinato / melody. Scaler detects the Scale and advises of the chords that belong to that scale. In simple terms you could just hit the diatonic match (so if you are in C Minor and you play the note of C Scaler suggests the Cm Chord).-From there you can use variations / substations etc.
That’s how I use it!

Good idea. I never thought to use it like this. Thanks.