Another folk tune

Too bad AIR Ignite is no more developed because its guitar (and keyboard) patterns were very nice

today I completed a folk vibe made with an AIR Ignite pattern driving AAS Strum-GS 2, plus EzBass, EzDrummer 3 and EzKeys

the solo part is the AAS Analog Orchestra’s duduk, an ancient Armenian flute with a sound I love

No Scaler involved here, but I take advantage to plead again an injection of Ignite patterns in a next Scaler release :grin:

I tried AIR Ignite once: aaaargh!!! :unamused:

It trashed my computer and I had to rebuild it from scratch - a complete reinstall of Windows and apps (luckily Ihad my data backed up)!!! :anguished::anguished:

Turned out it was a conflict in the install with the PACE licence manager. The Air Ignite install used a different version from the one that I already had installed: result, two days recovering my computer. :confounded:

Air Music Tech and ilok blamed each other!!! :unamused:

Then I got Scaler, aaahhh bliss. :smile: :smile: :smile:

Ps I like some of their other products: Hybrid, Xpañd!

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this is strange because I have PACE running for other plugins and no problem at all
YMMV anyway


FWIW (and abject apologies if this comes over as teaching grandma to suck eggs ** … it’s just me sharing my way of working) I have the C: partition minimalist, and have moved nearly all programs, win search, users, documents, downloads etc to other drives or partitions. That makes the system drive much less volatile, smaller and more practical to do frequent image copies. Re-installing is a massive PITB for me, so the slight extra set up hassle is saved should I need to restore Windows.

Also, I’ve always installed more than 1 physical drive rather than one larger one; so I have 3x 2Tb WD Black drives (plus an SSD) rather than, say 1 6Tb drive. |Windows accesses are this separate from application access (and music stuff all runs on the SSD), and it also means I can do quick drive to drive copies e.g. frequent C: images.
You can always join directories across drives transparently if needed, so where some programs insist on installing on C without giving the option to change, you can normally move most of the stuff to a linked drive.

I use Acronis for backup, and with USB3.2 these days taking backups is very quick.

** @ClaudioPorcellana not sure whether insegnare alla nonna a succhiare le uova conveys the meaning here …

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I love these hilarious jargon

Anyway, I considered sometimes the idea to have different partitions or different drives set in the BIOS, but I abandoned that idea preferring a simpler workaround that is using Macrium (Acronis gave me some problems so I switched) with a daily differential backup for the whole ISO, and another backup just for music

Both internal and external drives are 3.0 SSD so I have no problem to transfer data, for my low needs at least

BTW, I re-installed AIR Ignite just now and I had no problems
I think to remember that PACE is no more involved, being an abandoned software

It was a couple of years ago that I had the issue, and I discovered a work around, uninstalling the latest installation of PACE before I rebooted the machine. Just a pain to do it, and I didn’t really rate Ignite after trying it out. Scaler is sooo much better :+1:, even Instacomposer is better.

In Italy we say: non tutto il male vien per nuocere
(Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise)