Another gem in Scaler hidden in the Circle of Fifth - II part

Maybe I found another :gem:

If you set 2 Scaler instances in the usual way to do solos with the second Scaler green-keys, it seems to me that trying any (Neo-Riemannian excluded) bind-scale in the CoF, for example the one in the red circle below, changes the notes soloed keeping them in tune with chords in Section C!

Note that moving highlighted chords are as usual in Section C, not in CoF, and yet the solo is no more linked to Section C but to CoF :open_mouth:

In the picture below, before the vertical line I used the same series of chords of the first Scaler, in the regular manner, while after the vertical line I fiddled with Modulation presets, Secondary scales, etc.

Let me know if Iā€™m just zonked out, or it really works

here is the 2 XML
Scaler-acco.xml (10.1 KB)
Scaler-solo.xml (10.1 KB)

and here is the raw result (no mix & max)

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