Another gem in Scaler, hidden in the Circle of Fifth

I asked for a feature here, and @Ed1 gave me quickly the solution!

I immediately checked what to do with it, and I created a series of chords in a breeze simply starting from C# min, then using the hidden gem and my ears

Scaler-State_2021-04-04_013753.xml (8.9 KB)

Then I moved those chords in EZkeys directly, i.e. without dropping them in the Favorites, as I usually do

Then I duplicated the series, found by ear a couple of interesting EZkeys patterns in the Prog area…

And I used them to feed this free Hammond plugin

And here is the result

Thanks for the gem…and the track.
So many gems…so little time. :slight_smile:

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Gracias por la idea
Quisiera saber a qué te refieres con " gema oculta" y que me expliques de qué se trata.
Gracias por la amabilidad

Hola @Pancon1
I am unable to explain it in Spanish sorry
on the other hand, if you understand English, you can start from here to seewhat I requested for, and maybe that both posts will help you