Another Gig to download

You have no mercy on us poor homing pigeons, forced to bring on our rumps such heavy loads

Please, give us just the flat Scaler without the ballast

In this case I think I’ll follow some revised cowboy logic…Never look a gift horse in the rump.

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Claudio do you not have the following option (to download only essential sounds)?

That is the install option. the download a big zip file.
Did the update fix the Logic Pro issues ?, I’ll take a look tomorrow.

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As a Logic user can you remind me of the specific issues you had noted. To date Scaler 2.7 had been working ok for my needs, so maybe I’ve been missing something? Thanks.

Non starting when play in Scaler was pressed, and hanging notes when it stopped. Both niggles with an easy fix. The start seemed better today after the update to 2.7.1 a hanging note remained. (Could be my abuse I have other components in the chain) see my other posts.
Intel i7 Quad core, MacOS 12.6.1, Logic 10.7.5

Ok thanks. I’ve not noticed neither to date on a 2019, 27” iMac, 16GB and same versions of MacOS and Logic as yourself. I don’t try and get Scaler to drive entire songs, I’m happy grabbing 4-8 bar sequences and then manipulating those further in the piano roll editor. I tend to record my own synth or guitar lead melodies to support my Scaler-inspired progressions…

Hi Davide

my post was a joke :rofl:

nevertheless, there are places in the World (not only in developing countries) where the digital divide is still a plague, so an option to download (not install like in your example) just the core without any instruments could be welcome

For example, I don’t use any AAX, AU, Essential sounds or Extra sounds, so my preferred download coulb be way smaller and faster