Another hidden gem in Scaler

Proof of concept, or proof of my insanity?

Here I believed to have found a gem, but I was unable to explain

Now the same strange, but very useful behaviour jumped out again, so I’ll try to go deeper hoping someone more skilled than me (@Ed1 @davide) can understand what and why

The Scaler set
Odd scaler.xml (16.8 KB)

Here is the routing for my Hammond

With this routing I cannot play the 2 keyboards separately, and the GEM jumps out this way only, not using the correct routing for the Hammond!

So, using the Split option I can have the low part of the keyboard (grey in the picture below) tickled by Scaler and I can tickle the higher part of the keyboard with my hands and the gem jumps out

Regardless of binding the Section B or the Section C, most notes in the red range are in tune with Scaler’s chords, WITHOUT activating the Keys Lock option (that always make my PC crashing, so I always avoid)

I don’t understand how is possible but it works

Here is the Hammond output with the chords below and the solo above, but…

As you can see, at first glance the Hammond solo seems fed by Scaler, but if you enlarge the picture you will likely see the solo is different from the Scaler’s one!

Anyway, with this PARTICULAR routing, and with just 2 plugins of mine (AAS Strum GS-2 and VB3-II) the notes I play with my real hands are driven by the Scaler solo, EVEN if Keys Lock is not selected!

With the huge difference I can play tons of notes, and not the very few allowed for by Keys Lock, and without crashing my system: something that can be called indeed a gem :grinning:

Here is a sample, but please, don’t shoot the pianist: It’s just a proof of concept!

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Yesterday I tried the trick with other instruments, and it never worked

So I can say that it works with AAS Strum GS-2 and VB3-II only!

Possibly because they have both 2 keyboards included in one tool