Another note is taken when 'drag' next to the C area of the scaler

I made a pattern with Scaler 2.
I chose Expressions-ASSAI for Perform, and if ASSAI lasts for a long time, it plays in a different way. I like this.
So, I set DURATION to x4, x2 through EDIT in’Part C’at the bottom, and in preview, I played as I wanted.

By the way, when I moved it to FL Studio’s piano roll via DRAG next to the’C part’ at the bottom, it stabbed a lot of weird notes.

I’m not sure if I’m using it wrong or if it’s a bug.

If you drag it to the Scaler track, you have to switch off the Performance and turn off keyboard Binding. Otherwise things get pretty weird pretty fast :wink:


Hi @Yukinago,

As @lelek has correctly suggested, you need to ensure that any keyboard bindings and/or performances are disabled within Scaler 2 after dragging midi to your Scaler 2 track.
If you happen to leave them on, the midi that you dragged will then be triggering extra performances within Scaler over the original. This is where you can experience a lot of weird behaviour and extra/random notes.


I’m not sure exactly what keyboard binding means.
I turned off Perform, chose ASSAI from PLAYBACK PERFORMANCES in’C’ and adjusted DURATION to get the desired result.
Thanks for the help.

Glad you sorted it out @Yukinago

If you repeat the steps you laid out originally, at this point above you only need to turn off the performance and you should have what you are looking for.

This is also a good way to get your desired result.

Keybinding is when you take sections A, B or C and map them to your keyboard so that you can trigger each chord in the progression with the keys on your controller. Check this video out for an explanation

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