Another Scaler Workflow Demo Video

In moral support to @ClaudioPorcellana and others who are wary of sharing their Scaler workflow in a video, here goes my feeble attempt…

Scaler 2.4.1 Workflow Demo with Bitwig and CodeFN42’s RandARP - YouTube


I can consider myself an influencer then

WOW, I am envious!
I see a picture-in-picture with your face: I must do the same he he

About your video I have to wait a bit because there are no subtitles now
and I think to understand Google wait some time to add that

You sure are! :smiley:

And because the Forum software doesn’t accept this brief but profound statement, I will have to sing you a song now tooo… Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Do :notes: :musical_note:

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No subtitles so far: this is strange because in my tutorial I have Italian to Italian subtitles :thinking:
that is quite funny BTW

Perhaps it is something I need to setup in YT?

I don’t know: I’ve never selected anything
all default options

I checked and I think you have to set it in YT settings

I tried on my side, but no way
I think you should set subtitles in your account

Awesome. We need more geniuses like Claudio and you. You inspire me, guys.


Be careful to call me genius :rofl:

This evening I tried to do another videotutorial but after 3 attempts and a couple of hours I came to 3 blind tracks, yuk!

Doing these videos is not easy at all!
Well maybe tomorrow I’ll succeed
:zzz: :zzz: :zzz:

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Not at all …excellent, and a small insight into Bitwig, about which I know nothing…

I did wonder about the piano seemingly in the background behind you, given your statement about lack of keyboard skills, and then realised it was the piano VST - d’oh

I’m afraid these postings make me very nervous abut posting any of my efforts, which really warrant the word ‘feeble’ …

Yes, me too, and I was very envious about that sparkling grand piano
even if a white Steinway & Sons Model D could have had another impact
:joy: :musical_keyboard:

Well, at least I can’t be considered an imposter, I said it (more or less) loud & clear that this was Nils Frahm’s piano, sampled into a Kontakt instrument.

Oh boy, the opposite of what I hoped to achieve with this :-o :frowning:

I looked around, but the only Steinway Model Ds I could find as a virtual instrument were not white, sorry :frowning:

Authorized Steinway Virtual Concert Grand Piano by Garritan - Piano / Keys Plugin VST Audio Unit RTAS (

UVI Model D - German Concert Grand

Nice job @Bernd Great to see you in action, sounds great.

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