Another way to use Scaler with guitar plugins

Hi pals

I write this tutorial just because I used a workflow quite different from usual

All started from 2 strange chords found by ear with my bare hands on the keyboard, and Scaler Audio was essential to get those chords
Then I found (by trial & error, as usual) a pattern that was suitable for a dreaming arpeggio

Scaler.xml (10.7 KB)

The routing is trivial (AAS Strum-GS 2 in Keyboard option) so I don’t put it here

Here is the amp used for the arpeggiating guitar

And here is the amp for the solo guitar

The bass

And the drums

I tried then to drive the solo with a 2nd Scaler instance, but it didn’t work, so I used a matching Ableton Live scale: Minor Blues in A maj

The solo’s result was fine to me, but some notes were wrong here and there, so I used the Melodyne tool included in my Nectar plugin and I think it did a good job

Here is the result Old Good Times

Sorry, this is not a collaborative project, but I’ll try to do one next time :grinning: