Answered/Solved: Suggest Mode Question

I want to use some or all of the suggested chords in my progression based on the first chord in the pattern. However, when I drag a chord from the suggested chords into the pattern, all the suggestions change based on the second chord.
I want to lock the first group of suggested chords so the suggestions don’t keep changing based on the chord currently being dragged down.
Can we lock the suggested chords so they continue to be available until we unlock them?
Edit: I think my question is answered at around 13:20 of the livestream
Scaler 2.5 with Developer Davide Carbone | Livestream - YouTube.
So I guess the lock feature isn’t needed.
Edit: Also answered around 17:30.

Hi @MusicalGym

You can click on the corner of the chord to select the one you want to suggest from

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Thanks Ed. The livestream was very helpful.
Keep up the great work.