Any chance you can add a small ScalerAudio UI mark

Hey guys, I noticed that when I have several instances of Scaler in a project and some of them are ScalerAudio, I sometimes loose track of which one is which when I’m bouncing back an forth. Not a big deal, but a little thing would help. Any chance you could add a small UI indicator to tell us we are working in ScalerAudio? For example, something as simple as a red dot (as in the record button) w/in the Scaler name would make it easy to quickly tell what you were working in while keeping your color scheme consistent. (or maybe a red a)


Still hoping ScalerAudio gets a little visual indicator of some kind to differentiate it from Scaler

If someone knows how to tell the difference between the two versions, share your secret. (other than one will not respond to your midi device)

In a DAW it typically shows the plugin name in the window title…


Good reminder.

Unfortunately there are a few scenarios where that does not work all that well. As is the case above or when working in some environments (MPC or Maschine) where the interface is a bit wonky (a technical term) I certainly did not want to fork the UI, but my hope was maybe there was a simple graphic element that could be tweaked (recolored) and made part of the build package for Audio.

Considering the roaring chorus of crickets after my 1st post, I figured I was the only one who was too lazy to chase down my plugin names. Back to just paying more attention I guess. :slight_smile:

Hi @TMacD

this is definitely something we can do, I have added a ticket in the tracker. We will get to it but not sure at this stage where it will fit in the roadmap.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Any chance this is still on the list?

Looks like it was… thanks!

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Yes, not sure we even mentioned it on the changelog :confused:

But yes it is in there now, looking great, thanks for the feedback once again :wink:

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Just saw this today. Thanks Scaler Dev team!! I realised just now that I probably had the same problem without knowing it. :rofl::joy: