Any resources to translate the Expressions?

I love the expressions feature but honestly I never really know what they are going to sound like because they are in…italian? latin? I understand some of the words are compositional phrases but it’s kind of tiresome to google them all. Is there some list or resource I can look at that will give me a better idea of what I’m looking for?

Adding to that…make the underlying MIDI sequences somehow visible, and perhaps a way to custom edit them. Or are we getting into DAW territory now?

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In general I support this but there is not that much to learn. Write them down once and lay it next to your workspace. It takes just a few lookafter to get them.

Even so, as they are, I believe they are based mostly on speed. I don’t know of any way better than to select and demo each one individually.

Could the rhythms be spelled out, say musically? Sure. But kind of the “beauty” of Scaler is that anybody, no matter what musical background and training, can use it.

DAW territory, no. I believe anything in Scaler can be exported in midi format. I don’t see where anything is truly hidden.

Isn’t there already a way to modify and save? Then what is the purpose of user saved presets?

The names are just that. The names are a kind of a somewhat meaningless identifier sorted and labeled to give some sort of order rather than giving presets each a meaningless number.

I believe one of the hardest jobs available is trying to give presets a meaningful abstract descriptive name.

At the slight risk of many songs being similar, at least there are presets to help spark one’s imagination.

I believe that taking something meant to be an abstract tool, and trying to make it concrete, can very possibly put you in a bind by limiting the available possibilities.

There has to be something to do, to modify, to make Scaler better, or the software would be finished and eventually bug free.

As a minimum, certain accepted hardware requirements are added and dropped, and bugs are fixed.

As a maximum, certain wants and needs are met that allow the user of the software to do things faster, better, or ultimately, to do something that without the software was previously impossible.

I believe that Scaler does give results that for the average user were previously unattainable, and this in and of itself, is a huge accomplishment.


Note: Is there room for the user to add a user description and user tags to the stock presets? I believe there is already a star/like system. Honestly, I don’t use Scaler a lot (more fully) yet, and my ignorance may be showing (slightly?).

After some research I’m pretty sure they go from slower/sparse to faster/busier from top to bottom.

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Indeed and amongst the four categories from slowest to fastest. The naming is completely arbitrary. We had them initially named numerically. We have something in play which will help so much when it comes to favourites and categorisation. At this stage that is planned for Q1 2021 and that will be part of the free updates. Plenty of great features coming in the meantime! We are working very hard to add some great content and refine this beast!


hell yeah, you are my champions. I’ve been using midi chord generators for literally like ten years and scaler 2 is p much everything I’ve always wanted one to be so - great work!

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I actually thought the Italian names are kinda cool, made me actually look up a bunch of music theory and classic music stuff, and I love learning new (to me) things. I also figured Davide might have some Italian heritage, given how in the video he pronounced those terms in accent-free Italian :slight_smile:

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