Any thoughts on large format displays for music production?

Anybody have some 1st hand experience using large format displays for music production? I’m thinking about mounting a monitor behind my studio desk which puts it a meter away from my keyboard. This, combined with my aging eyes makes my wide screen monitor is a bit small.

When I say large format, I’m talking about what would have been considered TVs not long ago. This would include 40 inch+ diag oled tvs not typically designed to computer monitor specs but generally good enough for control UIs like DAWS.


… which would fall of the back of my desk :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t like ‘cinemascope’ wide displays as that aspect ratio doesn’t fit with many of my activities and I prefer 2x 5:4 aspect ratio screens side by side., and they are at the accepted distance based on diagonal size and field of view. based on 140 degrees.

There is a huge amount of literature on the topic from a ‘health and safety’ aspect. [You probably don’t know that in the UK, a computer screen user can ask the employer for glasses and they have to pay for the examination and glasses.]

A 43 inch OLED I imagine is fine (that’s the size of our own TV as the manager of the house doesn’t like those huge 6 foot monsters) and I think from the literature the key is to avoid head movement by having a screen size where the edges lie outside the field of vision - but I’m no expert…

Much more important IMHO is the chair. I have spent my life sitting down; my current chair has 4 lever controls plus a bulb which allows you to change the seat profile and firmness by puffing aid into a sort of bladder inside. Really comfortable, with good back support.

On two screens

Bigger screens (although there is a vast amount of info)

… but I realise you were asking to get personal experiences from other music folk.

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I always used TVs as my computers’ monitors (included the one for my studio). What should I tell you? That the size doesn’t matter, it matters how you use it? Well…size matters…and it’s a nice experience…
Unless you are gaming or doing a lot of video editing, refresh rate and all those features don’t matter. For DAWs and music plug-ins UI is more than perfect


Sorry, I don’t have experience for music production, but I use 2 monitors since years to translate, because doing my job I need up to 6 GUIs at the same time, so I often asked to myself and to peers if a very big monitor was better than 2

Well, no one of peers I know use a very big monitor, but 2 or 3 in the @yorkeman layout, or in my different layout: the main one flat, centered on my face, and the secondary a bit skewed at about 30°

I suspect that 1 very big monitor is worse due to the fact it is flat, so stuff on the corners appear skewed (and possibly blurred) for the user eyes, but it’s just 2 cents of a suspect :grinning:

So I’m curious to listen other insight


Well…in my case I use 3 monitors…and the middle one is a tv

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Actually I see 6 monitors…
And a black mobile monitor on the right as well

P.S. out of idle curiosity, what are those boxes with a sort-of disk on their top?

:joy::joy::joy:…” boxes with a sort-of disk on their top” is the best definition I ever heard for DJ CD Players :joy::joy::joy:

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ha ha and you now understand how much time I don’t attend a disco

Those monitors look pretty ballsy for near fields (in the sense that you are sitting on top of them almost) :slight_smile:

CDJs. I was about to ask what those are. Overly priced CD or MP3/ wav players.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Personally don’t have this scenario/setup, but it sounds like you might have something in mind what I’ve seen at one Youtuber… Jef Gibbons: Cubase 12! My fave new features... - YouTube

(ignore the title/topic of this video, just used it for visual reference - but perhaps in his channel somewhere he actually talks about his monitor/screen setup?)


Thanks all. Definitely some good \things to consider.

My setup is same as Jeff Gibbons, 55 inch 4k. I’m able to split the screen into quarters, with mixer, arranger and piano roll in their own separate window, like four smaller monitors in one.

Thanks, that is the route I’m likely headed, a large OLED that can double as a gaming monitor when I need a little MotoGP fix and my Desmosedici is in the shop. :slight_smile:

Can’t beat two 48" TVs. :slight_smile:

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I see Quartararo outshot the desmos at Pertamina on Saturday :slight_smile:

[Only kidding … I dream about a Superleggera]

NB …non-bikers will have no idea what this post is about.]

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Monitors? Those are my beloved Marantz sound system from early ‘80. Deep and warm sound with their big bass cones…but they are for listening to music, not for mixing it. In facts my studio monitors are in my friend house…you know when a friend ask you “can I borrow them for a week” and then 2 months later you are still waiting them to come back home?

Overly priced? Pioneer CDJ 3000 cost twice as much and they don’t even have real spinning vinyl disks on top of them to scratch decently. But you know…it’s the standard…you must have them…it’s the standard…

Have you ever been to Isle of Man TT? Dreamed of it since I was as a kid.