Any tutorials using scaler 2 with a guitar vst?

Are there any tutorials using Scaler 2 with some kind of guitar Vst with using some kind of midi bridge?
Like playing the Vst’s midi files or having Scaler play the guitar parts both chords and riffs?
Anything like ample sound, musiclab, aas gs2 or something like that?
I’m new to Scaler and would like to have Scaler some up with some guitar chord progressions and maybe some fingerpicking riffs.
Thank you in advance.
The Fishman

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Well, there is quite a number of threads in this forum that are related to usage of GS-2 (and also some other vst) with Scaler.
Press the magnifying glass in the top-right corner and type “GS-2” :slight_smile:

I think I am the user that made most guitar-oriented posts here :smile:
having fingerpicking riffs directly from Scaler is currently impossible AFAIK

Maybe more guitar patterns will be introduced in the future thanks to @luapmartin , and many here hope so, but currently there are few guitar riffs

you should rather use Scaler to feed chords, and have the guitar vst making its own patterns according to those chords