Any way to relocate sound bank?

In my downtime, I work on music on my computer at work. I can’t install things due to Admin privileges but I get around it by uploading the dll files and soundbank folders to Google Drive. I got it to register and open but the plugin is not recognizing where the sound banks are located. Is there any way to manually add this folder to Scaler?

We all do :grin:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to relocate the sound banks in the current version of Scaler.
It is on the roadmap and has been requested a few times, we’ll try to add this soon.

The sound bank should be in the public documents of the computer, have you tried copying the files there manually?

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Lol @ working on music at work too. Glad I am not the only one and that did the trick! I appreciate the speedy reply, Ed! I have been in love with the plug in since I bought it. Shout out to MG the Future, DJ Ave Mcree , and Mr. DifferentTV for really selling me on this gem.

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