Anyway for Admin to post what's new with scaler v2.3?

Hey, I’ve looked in all the usual places here and I’ve not found what’s new with version 2.3.

I can see funk and soul songs added (or I didn’t upgrade for a bit).

Anyway to pin the latest update somewhere in the forum or on the main site somewhere.


Here you go.

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Thanks! @jamieh


I tried to find the information in Google. I ended up on someone else’s YouTube channel so here’s something for your marketing / content team: From an SEO perspective add on the name of the product and version number each time you update it on the forum. e.g: Scaler 2. Version 2.3 | Update XX/XX/XXXX

It’d make it very Google SEO friendly (especially if you formatted it as a header).

I’d have a FAQ page with the updates on the main site linked from the main product page as that’s best practice :slight_smile:

Thanks for a great product and community support.