Appendix of Performances?

I’m wondering if there’s a document that lists the lengths of performances? Some run for up to eight measure (4/4) or perhaps longer? I find that I miss good sections of the performances if I don’t audition the chords for a long enough period of time. Knowing how long they run would be helpful guidance. Thanks.

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I seem to recall @TMacD did some work on this, but I’ve not had chance to search old posts yet … maybe he can chip in …

Good memory but I just scratched the surface. I did a set of videos on the Melodies (Themes, Colors, Motifs, Riffs) There is a play through of each with a thumbnail of the midi for them all so you can get a quick visual on shape and length… I wanted to post more data about the midi but management was not thrilled. :slight_smile: The thumbs can give you a sense of length but that just scratches the surface.

Here is part 1 An Audio / Visual guide to Scaler’s Melodies - part 1: Riffs and Motifs - Tutorials - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum

Part 2 - An Audio / Visual guide to Scaler’s Melodies - part 2: Themes & Colors


Thanks for this. Excellent post. It was helpful. However, I think a document on this would be a useful addition to the User Guide. Ideally I’d like a Master Appendix of all the content including as much detail as possible including transcriptions.

No worries, glad it was helpful. I agree it would be very useful, especially considering the lack of metadata associated with all the great content that is deep w/in Scaler. It is a reason I was happy to see them add the auto play feature. At least now we can more quickly cycle through material in search of something that inspires or fits.

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Indeed. It was a very courteous addition. Perhaps in time a user will take on the project of creating such an Appendix of Performances, or something like that. I’m picturing something similar to the “first line” indexes you see in Hymnals or other indexes of compositions.