Apply Dynamic Voiced Chord to Chord in Pattern, a question


I can capture voicing to MIDI tracks, but, would like a better workflow for getting exact voicing into chords used in Patterns. Perhaps I’ve missed something obvious?

Setup: I use Dynamic Voicing and like a particular chord and want that exact voicing in a Pattern’s chord. Other what I now am doing, – create MIDI track, detect chord and finally edit Pattern’s chord for exact voicing – is there a better way to get an exact chord voicing into a chord in a Pattern? Have I missed something? Obviously I can also just Edit Chord and build the voicing that way, too.

Thanks for any tips, references or suggestions.

Hi @1stInversion

Is the Right-Click “extract/apply voicing” not working for your use case?

Combined with the multi-selection it can be useful to apply one voicing to many chords.

Thanks, Ed

I will look carefully at that. I’m sure Scaler and my copy of it are working fine. I think it’s most likely I’m not adept at using “extract/apply.” I’ll work with it. I get into a workflow that works for me and tend to stay with it, but the down side of that is sometimes I overlook a useful function a program offers that is better than my current methods. Same thing has happened to me a few times with Cubase.

Great program feature I’d overlooked. I just developed a workable system and missed this functionality. I also had not noticed that Extracted is an option on Voice Grouping menu! Again, great job with Scaler.

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