Arcade will support chord input

Output email announcing that arcade version 2 will allow you to use your own chords and melodies.
If so, pop music production will be accelerated. Because arcade contains a lot of pop music material.
But the effect is still unknown.
Recently, I have been trying band in a box. It’s also very good. A large number of realtracks can quickly complete the demo of a song by inputting chords. It’s no problem for practice and performance.
Of course, all these attempts started with scaler
Because of the perfect chord function of scaler, I can try a lot of chords and find the core of music.
I still think it’s a big trend!
1、chord (Scaler)
3、generative music.

Works fantastic with Scaler now. Very exciting.

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“Arcade moves far beyond loop packs. Play, perform, and manipulate loops instantly.”

It seems based on audio loops, so how can it interface with Scaler?

I signed up to Arcade about two months ago but cancelled my account after a few days as I thought it was annoying and useless. Maybe 2.0 changes things?
Like ClaudioPorcellana, I’d like to know how it works with Scaler and in which situations this makes sense.
Maybe the upcoming changes in Scaler 2.5 are needed?

It has melodic instruments now.

Aha! So it can be played with MIDI like any virtual instrument or synth?
That can be really interesting!
Maybe I have to sign up again :sweat_smile:

The sound of arcade is very modern and fashionable. You can now enter chords and melodies.
Therefore, the role of scaler is even greater.
Because scaler can input chords, then bass, melody, pad and so on.
I think scaler needs to be improved. For example, you can enter chords and choose style
Then, based on the style, bass and riff are generated,


Yes it does support polyphony but remember that part of Arcade’s appeal is the melodic content of its loops which disappears when you make it a playable instrument. Still Scaler can really make it make sense now.

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Interesting! I just have to sign up again. But should I wait for 2.5?

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You can wait and see if there are scale and arcade operation videos after the stage.
Then decide whether to register.
Personally, I still think that the further improvement of scaler will be more perfect.
Because the core technology of all is Scaler

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I too have tried Arcade before and found it pointless but the new update DOES make it at least usable. There are some interesting sounds in the Note Kits that seem to work just fine with Scaler running the show. I’m giving it another shot but we’ll see if I hang on to the subscription for more than 2 days…