Are the Melody expression notes hard-coded?

The expressions/performances under MELODY always play in the same note range, no matter the incoming octave.
The chord part will move up and down with the incoming pitch/octave, but the moving part plays the same notes, regardless of the incoming chord octave (let alone voicing settings, but I’ve already expressed my confusion over this in another thread).

Ok, that seems only the case in SCALE mode.


When I change to CHORD mode, then the notes adjust to the incoming octave. By design? What’s the music-theoretical reasoning behind this?

The scale mode follows the scale octave set in Section B. The chord mode is based on the chord content.

This can be altered if you use the “Chord+Melody (+1 oct)” profile in the Side Menu, as the name implies it shift the melody part up one octave.

Thanks Ed! I see how the Scale mode uses the sect B octave. I had it play external chords so there was no scale selected at the time. But the +octave up option didnt do anything for me since I needed to transpose down, and I ended up using a DAW midi effect for that.

It is not ideal… the proper solution would be to allow the output range of any performance to be customized. Then comes the question of customizing for the whole thing or per chord etc… which is another layer of complexity…

We have always said that you can always go back to your DAW for finer editing but the more we add to Scaler the harder it is to lose those great features and deal with flat MIDI on a piano roll.

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That philosophy makes sense. I should also clarify that I use Scaler more in performance/jamming context than production/composition. So I hardly ever cut/paste/edit midi notes out of Scaler.