Are there any lists of iPad apps Scaler can be used in as a plugin?

I’m using the iPad version of Scaler 2 and one thing I am always interested in is which iPad DAWs and other apps Scaler 2 can be used in, or that will accept MIDI exported from Scaler 2. Any suggestions?

Hi @GaryRea and welcome to the forum. Scaler on the iPad should work with all iPad DAWs as it’s an au3. We use it with Logic Pro iPad and Cubasis for example. There’s quite a few user vids on YouTube covering a range of DAWs. Hope that helps.

All good, if you haven’t already you can download from App Store for free and trial it but it should work in all DAW compatible with auv3, AUM, AudioBus. Let us know if you have any issues.

I already have Scaler 2, Davide, for a couple of years, now.