Are you thinking about iOS Scaler?

I love Scaler when I’m working on Windows music platforms, but I do most of my music work on my iPad, and most of the other musicians I know do as well, working with Cubasis, Beatmaker, Auria, AUM, NanoStudio, Korg Gadget, and Garage Band, among others. We’d love to see Scaler as a AUv3 plugin. These days at the top end the current iPad Pro is up there with laptops. It’s a credible development platform. Give it some thought.


Have given it lots of thought @Adrian In fact the Dev team were kind enough to build me one! I loved it and it was a dream but too fiddly on the pad and we agreed that we need a bespoke version for iOS. On the roadmap.


There are several apps working not worse than scaler for the ipad like chordbot. Just an idea to help you out until scaler is available in the ipad (which can take a bit).

iPad Pros are not even close to the same as a laptop for full blown music production.

6 gigs of ram? They are closer in spec to a high end phone than a decent laptop. My 5 year old laptop has 16 gigs of RAM (which is upgradeable to more than that). And prior ipad pros with 4 gigs of ram. I have more than that on a laptop that is now 15 years old. Just a reality check.

I’m sure a version on an ios device would have some value, but that is more due to the fact that as a music production tool an iPAD is a crippled piece of hardware that would benefit from a program that helps minimize the need for human interation and responsiveness.

(most musicians I know use things like Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards/Pianos to make music, not ipads)

As a half-way house - rather than ( or as precursor to ) putting all the same functionality into an ipad app ( or MIDI plugin ) - what would be useful would just be a control-surface type app to control the Scaler plugin in a DAW.

That way we get the best of both worlds - all the power of SCALER in a full-on DAW ( where most of composers still “live and breathe” ) but gain the touch-based friendliness and immediacy of touch-control.

This would be similar things like touchable le or the controller apps often made by DAW makers such as Steinberg, Apple and Presonus - that merely CONTROL the PC/Mac software - and don’t replace it.

As it happens there are many cool “scaler-lite” apps on iOS already - none near what Scaler does -but very enjoyable and inspiring to use even so.

So alongside future NKS support - an iOS controller app would nice.

(and i’d argue more beneficial to EXISTING owners of Scaler - than any iOS AUv3 plugin that repeats scaler functionality in iOS )

Welcome @nonchai Thanks for the great feedback, will discuss with the team. I like your angles.

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Yes I thoroughly recommend Navichord. For sure far less features but a very well thought out GUI and both fun and inspiring to use.

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Is scaler for ipad still in the works?

I would like to use it when away from the PC just for ideas.

Can you release the fiddly PC version on ipad for those who want to tinker? like a bonus, not an official thing?

Fiddly is ok. Having scaler in portable would be amazing.

Yes still in the works and getting closer… First impressions last, ideally not fiddly ones!

I too, would like to see Scaler for the iPad. As a tool for generating ideas when I am away from my laptop. And then being able to copy the session somehow or send it to my laptop to further the progress. Scaler is an AMAZING program and I am so glad I purchased it.
Thank you.


I‘m also highly interested in an IOS version of scaler, and would instantly buy it. I already have Chordbot, Suggester, Navichord, Riffer and the likes, but nothing comes close to Scaler when you really want to work out an idea. Keep up your brilliant work!

Welcome and thank you @freemix We are concurrently putting final touches on 2.4 and iOS so lots of great stuff to come over the next few months.

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