Are you thinking about iOS Scaler?

Sadly, yes. I must remember the global nature of the board, and hence a limited appreciation of British “humour”. It’s compounded by the fact that there are so many ways a single idea can be expressed in English ‘English’.

However, although I am sure that you are far to young to remember cartoon Oz character Barry Mckenzie from the satirical UK magazine ‘Private Eye’, but that established a folk law factoid that Australians had vastly more slang words than the British to describe vomiting after a few tinnies, and indeed, to urinate. (largely made up by a English guy , apparently).

BTW, I sold my company in 2008 to an Australian company, so got to know at least their business character quite well. The CEO also owned a vineyard somewhere near Melbourne, but he always ordered French wine when I took him to lunch. I’m sure McKenzie had a word for that.

Love being called far too young - thank you. I do remember Private Eye but I grew up more with MAD. McKenzie’s word for your French wine drinking Aussie would have been ‘Irony’ I’m sure!
I lived in the UK for 10 years and I am married to a Brit so don’t tarnsish me entirely with your ‘colonial’ brush!!

We all know how efficient Scaler is to come up with tracks & compositions in a studio setup.
But I would like to use Scaler in iPAD for mostly live situations as accompaniment for the main singer. In order to perform live “Key Lock with Chord Extension” is a must-to-have feature.
My humble request to you is to bring that feature into iOS so that live chord-melody players are benefitted.

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I suspect many problems will raise with Android

To have a mini-DAW working in my Android smartphone I had to do buy a special cable, and another headset because the level of my great Sennheiser ME-2 is too low

But at the end I came up against a brick wall because there is no way in Android to increase the mic volume, so my recordings (tried yesterday) have too much noise

AFAIK, apart to a few very high-end Android devices, the others are unsuitable for musical production

In fairness I did say that the Android comment was (a) a joke and (b) I’d only ever be using a desktop for music, but I applaud your diligence in establishing their worthlessness in this regard :grin:

Davide’s nailed me about three times for my opaque sense of humour

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I love, and always loved, the British humour

For example The Addams Family, or a bit more modern Benny Hill

I have one customer who jokes about it often, and I am just sad I cannot understand it totally

The Addams Family is a fictional household created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938.

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Yes, indeed
I don’t know why, but when I was a child I always believed it was British black humour
:cold_face: :skull: :joy:

This is great to hear David. I have tried other iOS apps, but they are not close to the beauty of Scaler. One question: will it work with other iOS apps. Specifically I am thinking of Akai’s iMPC 2. It has the great MPC workflow for beat, but has always been not-so-great for chords and melody. It does allow a user in iOS to create a track with an iOS Audio Units Instrument, but with Navichord and ChordPadX for example, you can’t record the notes for the performance on the iMPC track, which makes them not useful when creating a song.

Maybe this is an iOS limitation, but it would be great to put the Scaler iOS app on a track in iMPC and be able to “one-finger trigger” scaler chords within iMPC so that they are recorded in iMPC and played back with the Sequences and Songs of iMPC.

Hopefully this makes sense. Can’t wait for Scaler iOS!

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