Arpeggiated/strumming detection in just one chord slot


Can Scaler 2 detect and create a single chord slot when you input a arpeggiated / strumming chord?
e.g. with a MIDI controller (or MIDI guitar) playing chord sustained consecutive notes to create a single slot chord, or it is always necessary to play all notes simultaneously?

Unless I’m doing something wrong, currently the arpeggiated chords notes sent from my MIDI keyboard controller (using sustain pedal of course) or strumming from MIDI guitar are detected by Scaler 2.1 separately creating new chord slots for each note .
I am running Scaler 2.1 in Reaper 6 (.14)

Sorry if this was discussed, although I am a bit surprised to see nothing about it.

Updated: comment added 2020-10-02T04:00:00Z

This could be a nice and practical alternative Scaler detection mode, as a choice according to the user’s needs or playing style.