Arpeggio rhythm erratic

Hi, I’m just starting out with Scaler 2. I first noticed this ‘glitch’ on the trial version, I assumed it was something I was doing wrong and that I could adjust it out through ‘preferences’, and that it might disappear when I upgraded to the full version. But I’ve upgraded to the full version and it is still noticeable, can anyone assist?

It occurs when I trigger, say, an arpeggio - the arpeggio pattern is not uniform, it’s almost like it ‘sticks’ every certain number of notes. There’s a slight hesitation, maybe every 5 or six notes. It’s on a cycle. At first I thought I had ‘humanise’ or ‘quantise’ switched on, but I’ve tried switching on/off all of these and there’s no difference. It doesn’t seem to matter how I quantise, it’s still there.

I’m really not sure what I’m doing wrong?! (if anything). It doesn’t matter whether I trigger the arpeggio on the scaler keyboard with my mouse, or via my mini keyboard.

I’m running v2.0.9 on a Dell XPS15 i7-8750H, plugged in to Studio One 5, with an Akai MPK Midi keyboard.

Many thanks for any suggestions, Andrew

@Glenpatrick Hi Andrew this is fixed. Check update 2.1 coming Sep 9th. Also Arp improvements.


That’s tremendous Davide, many thnaks - I’ll look forward to the update!

I am having a similar problem in version 2.1.2 in Cakewalk but using Performance not Arp. :frowning: