Article about Scaler contributor Carl Cox (slightly but not wholly off topic)

Came across it this evening

[For non -Brits the Guardian is a centre left newspaper. (If you are in the US, Marjory Taylor Green would call it communist :slight_smile: )

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Carl is a lovely guy, have known and worked with him for a long time. Can you guess who is who (circa 1990)?


So handsome. I love the feel of 90s photos :grinning:

Wow … 30+ years ago. Do you ever wonder where the time all went ?

Mrs Yorkeman happened to be looking over my shoulder when I pulled your post up, and reminded me of the following, taken in 1970, of me doing a night show on the Uni radio station … and even though that was 50 years ago

I was doing an ‘oldies’ show … go figure.


Brilliant, that mixer, that turntable, those glasses!!!

and the paper behind says: for best results…
what results?
:thinking: :rofl:

Here you can see him live or recorded

These photos are fantastic.
In my memory, 2022 has appeared in many sci-fi movies.
In the blink of an eye, it’s 2022

Can’t believe I missed this post. Have always loved Cox’s performances and story. I always wanted to get to Space to see him in person but no such luck. Now I just pull some of his chords, map Scaler to a sequencer, fire up the Velodyne(s), drop som e and let the music play on. :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting!